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Script Review - $175.00

Chicago Dramatists has been offering script evaluation services for decades. In this new iteration -- once your payment and your script have been received -- a theatre professional will read and evaluate your script within the following three weeks, offering a 2-3 page written response to your story. While we try to honor specific reader requests, often they can not be accommodated due to reader scheduling conflicts. We welcome plays, screenplays, and TV pilots.
If you wish to speak further to the reader about this same script, either in person or over the phone, there is an additional charge of $60. 

All scripts should be properly formatted and in 12 point font. If you are unsure what the accepted industry formats are for plays, you can look here.
Any scripts exceeding 120 pages will be charged an extra dollar per page. Extremely monologue-heavy plays may also incur an extra fee.
Only .pdfs will be accepted.

If you have a script that you would like feedback on, please fill out this form, and then email a .pdf of your play to cdscriptreview@gmail.com. Once we check the formatting and confirm the page number on your script, we will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, the clock will start ticking on that 3 week turn-around time.

If you would like a Script Review, but cannot afford it, you can apply for a $75 MEH Lewis Scholarship and reduce the price to $100. To apply please check the box on the form and send an email to vbamber@chicagodramatists.org with the subject SCRIPT REVIEW SCHOLARSHIP. You will need to provide a brief explanation of why you want the scholarship (500 word maximum) and a scanned copy of the first page of your most recent tax returns. Six of these scholarships will be given out each year based on need.

Table Readings -  $220 flat fee plus $20 per actor

Chicago Dramatists is now offering one table reading per month to playwrights who want to hear their work read aloud by professional actors, in a private setting, with a professional director or dramaturg facilitating the discussion.  We understand how essential this step is to the development of a new work and we strive to offer the most fruitful experience possible for each writer.  

Our staff works with each writer to find a date, cast actors who are not just appropriate but who are well-versed in reading and responding to new work, and engage a director or dramaturg who is well-suited to the project. 

Submitted plays are evaluated to ensure that they are appropriate for this stage of development. When a play is accepted and a date has been mutually agreed upon by the playwright and the Chicago Dramatists staff, we issue an invoice for the cost of the table reading. The invoice must be paid within 15 days of agreeing upon the date in order to reserve the slot.  

If you have a script that you would like to submit for a table reading please fill out this form and then email a .pdf of your play to cdscriptreview@gmail.com with the subject line "Table Reading." Please understand that table readings are not meant to be a showcase to get your script produced. If you feel your script is production-ready and does not need further development, this is not the program for you. 

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